The Infusion

November 11, 2017
3:00 pm – 10:00 pm


3:00 pm      Registration
3:45 pm      Closing of Registration
4:00 pm      Audience Immersion Programme
5:00 pm      Speaker Sessions 1
6:00 pm      Intermission
7:30 pm      Speaker Sessions 2
9:30 pm      Grand Finale
10:00 pm    End of Event

Location: Al Saidiya Street | Opposite Al Alam Palace in Muscat, Muscat 113, Oman +968 22 081500


Fusion Band:
Formed in 2017. Harith Al Harthy, Haitham Al Kharusi and Amir Al Najar have come together to create a fusion of Arabic, English, Spanish and French music. The band is community minded and participates in many charity events.
The Azzi:
Secondary students from The Sultan’s School have come together to perform traditional Omani folk dances in celebration of the Oman National Day.

National Museum of Oman

The National Museum is the leading cultural institution in the
Sultanate, dedicated to the preservation and showcasing of
Oman’s cultural heritage in its tangible and intangible forms,
since the earliest traces of human occupation in Oman some
2 million years ago through to the present day. Read More


يعد المتحف الوطني الصرح الثقافي الأهم في السلطنة، والمخصص لإبراز تجليات منتقاة من التراث الثقافي لعُمان بشقيه المادي، والمعنوي، منذ ظهور الأثر البشري في عُمان قبل ما يربو على نحو المليوني 
 عام، وإلى يومنا الحاضر؛ والذي نستشرف من خلاله مستقبلنا الواعد.
إقرأ المزيد


Mansoor Al Hindasi is a professional footballer with accolades, a member of Al Suwaiq Club, employee of Oman TV and an avid reader of literature and history. Mansoor will be performing three Arabic poems in the Nabati style.